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Funds4Scholars (F4S) is a robust, web-based system that automates the delivery of scholarship funds and electronically applies funds to individual student accounts. With the F4S system, the financial aid process is simplified, streamlined, and made remarkably flexible

Our Software Makes The Process Simple

Funds4Scholars makes the connection between Scholarship Providers, Schools and Students. Everyone stays in the loop during the transaction with text notifications and commenting features.


The Art

State of the Art

Using our state of the art F4S system, you can manage data and funds from multiple sources, monitor the award process and customize delivery to each institution.



We offer distinct user privileges so your whole team can work in the system. It's easy to have a gate keeper who can have the ultimate decision before a transfer is completed.



F4S will eliminate the manual effort needed to process scholarship funds. Supported by several major providers, F4S will consolidate your rosters and simplify your disbursements and reconciliations.



Streamline the scholarship disbursement and return process through a single source with the flexibility to manage things your way.

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